Fantasy Zone & New Client

Last updated on Saturday, May 25th, 2013 at 2:20 AM

Fantasy zone is now up. It features "Medieval + Fantasy setting with melee combat, spells, horses, crafting system, and more". Will be updated as it is played. This zone was made by Axidus, a.k.a. "Axidus the Wise", who was helped by many others.

Work has been started about one month ago on a new client for Infantry with new graphics, features, etc without sacrificing the nostaligic look of our beloved Infantry client.

It will feature a 2D terrain and 3D objects and will allow a user to change their camera angle between angled-overhead & first-person. It will also allow controlling multiple units like most popular RTS games as well as your main character. 

Mizzouse & kon are working on the code while thebobp2 has been working on the 3d models. Burnt has been working on the storyline and basic sketches. Come to IRC chat [linked above], offer input, and help out!

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